- How can I use MLS Updater to upgrade my device?
- You can find detailed instructions for use here

- How do I disable Google Play Store automatic updates on my device?
- Open the Play Store. Select the top right button on the PlayStore search bar (three parallel bars). From the list that appears, select 'Settings'. From the General section, select 'Automatically update apps'. In the window that appears, select "No automatic update of applications". You can continue to manually update the apps you want, by locating them on the Google Play Store and by pressing the "UPDATE" button

- How can I add support for Russian language to MLS Destinator Talk & Drive on my device?
- Please download the following file and follow the instructions in the readme.txt file RU.exe

- I do not have an alert when I receive SMS, what should I do?
- Activate the audio alert from Programs-MLS Talk & SMS-Options TnSMS-Alert type and check Sound. You can select the desired alert tone on Android 2.3.x devices from the Menu-Settings-Sound-Audio alert on devices running Android 4.x from the Menu-Settings-Audio Profile-General-Default notification

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