- Why is my tablet not opening?
After fully discharging the tablet, you may need to press the ON / OFF button for 10-20 seconds and then release it to open. If it does not complete the start, leave it charging for about 30 minutes with its charger, remove the charging cable and try again. If your device still does not start, it may be because the Android operating system has temporarily stopped responding due to malfunction of a third-party application. You can manually reboot your device by plugging in a connector and pushing lightly into the reset socket on your device.

- How can I use MLS Updater to upgrade my device?
You can find detailed usage instructions here - How do I disable Google Play automatic updates on my device? Open the Play Store. Select the top right button on the PlayStore search bar (three parallel bars). From the list that appears, select 'Settings'. From the General section, select 'Automatically update apps'. In the window that appears, select "No automatic update of applications". You can continue to manually update the apps you want, by locating them on the Google Play Store and by pressing the "UPDATE" button

- How can I add support for Russian language to MLS Destinator Talk & Drive on my device?
Please download the following file and follow the instructions in the readme.txt file RU.exe

- What is the battery life on my tablet?
The length of your tablet's battery depends on the model and the way the device is used.

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