1. MLS Innovation Inc announces the official release of MAIC™ smart speaker


    MLS Innovation announces the official release of MAIC™ smart speaker. The smart speaker is added to the list of MAIC™ enabled devices and expands the company's AI platform ecosystem.
    MAIC™ smart speaker is a sleek, high-quality desktop audio player with all the features of a digital assistant. Among other things, it can play music of all kinds and radios from around the world, give weather information, keep reminders, give cooking tips, tell jokes or fairy tales, manage devices in a smart home. These features are constantly enriched as MAIC™ is a dynamic platform that is upgraded with new skills and intelligence.
    MAI™C uses state-of-the-art technologies, such as Real-Time Voice Recognition (ASR), Natural Language Processing, machine learning, computational linguistics, automatic voice-to-text conversion (TTS) and several other specialized technologies.
    As communication with MAIC™ is very close to daily communication with a human speaker, the device is aimed at all age groups, even at people who are not familiar with technology. It works easily at any place in the house with electricity and Wi-Fi available.
    With its smart speaker at an affordable price of € 69.90, MLS aspires to make MAIC™ available in many more homes both in Greece and the other countries where the digital assistant platform is already available. According to a recent survey by NPR and Edison Research, each household in the US has an average of 2.6 smart speakers with a total number of 157 million.
    MAIC™ smart speaker is expected to be available to consumers by the end of February.

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  2. MLS Innovation Inc announces its entry into the wearables market


    MLS Innovation Inc announces its entry into the wearables market.
    MLS enters the market with 2 devices, a smart band with 1.14” color touchscreen and a smart watch with 1.3" color touch screen and 2.5D curved glass.
    Both devices support fully Greek characters in displaying application alerts and are compatible with Android and iOS devices. They feature a few sensors related to digital wellness and inform the user on the steps he has taken, how many calories he has consumed, his heart rate, the oxygen level in his blood and the quality of his sleep.
    MLS’s ultimate goal is to integrate the new category into the ecosystem of its digital artificial intelligence platform MAIC, with the digital assistant expanding its activities beyond the static field of home or office, as in the case of the Play Store application.
    The wearables market is one of the most dynamically growing markets in the world. It started as a market with a limited number of devices targeting mainly early adopters. However, according to IDC, it is evolving into a mass market with high demand and a projected compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 22.4% by 2023.

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  3. MLS Innovation Inc: Eight new research projects – €1.12m funding

    MLS Innovation Inc: Eight new research projects – €1.12m funding

    MLS announces its participation in 8 new research projects within the framework of Single Research, Technological Development & Innovation State Aid Action "RESEARCH - CREATE – INNOVATE" 2nd cycle, both in Intervention I, Research and development by SMEs and Intervention II, Partnerships of enterprises with research institutions.

    The research field of the projects is notably extended, as it includes actions related to cultural accessibility, autonomous driving and digital transformation in agriculture, transport and health. MLS has years of experience in research and in implementing projects that integrate voice technologies and AI.

    The company will cooperate in the above fields as well as in other state of the art technologies such as virtual and augmented reality, applied robotics and Internet of Things, with research institutes FORTH and CERTH, with Laboratories and Departments of University and Polytechnic Schools in various Administrative regions of Greece and with local entities and businesses to develop innovative products and services.

    The total approved budget of the above projects for MLS is €1.52m, while the funding the company receives is €1.12m.

    The above projects are co-funded by the European Union and national funds through the Operational Programme Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation (EPAnEK- NSRF 2014-2020).

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  4. Press Release

    MLS Innovation Inc: New MAIC available for all Android devices

    November 18th, 2019

    MLS announces that its Artificial Intelligence and Voice Recognition Platform MAIC (ΜLS Artificial Intelligence Center) becomes available for all Android devices.

    Having a presence of more than 7 years since the launch of the first mobile phone with embedded technologies for voice recognition and artificial intelligence, and having built a base of more than 300K active users, MLS redefines the user interface with our mobile devices and presents the next generation of MAIC.

     Specifically, by downloading the application, users will extend their device capabilities and will be able to perform a wide range of actions, speaking in Greek. Indicatively, they will be able to speak naturally and ask MAIC:

    • Call my son
    • Wake me up at 8 in the morning
    • Find me the nearest gas station
    • Take me to 28 Stadiou street
    • Find me Chinese restaurants
    • Set an appointment with Kostas for tomorrow afternoon at 6
    • What will the weather be in London tomorrow?
    • Turn the flashlight on
    • Turn on the light in the living room
    • Remind me to take the food out of the oven in half an hour
    • Find me the nearest ATM

    The above indicative list will be constantly enriched with new updates of the application, covering more and more users’ needs.

    With two versions available on Play Store, one for MLS devices and one for third party Android devices, the user obtains all the enhanced capabilities the new digital assistant can offer in the Greek language and upgrades substantially his user experience. Hence, users unfamiliar with technology are now able to make their everyday lives easier, talking to their phone of tablet.

    MAIC will be available for free for MLS devices, raising the level of MLS smartphones and tablets and giving them a competitive edge. For third party devices, MAIC will be available as a paid app, and will replace Google’s smart assistant which is in English.

    Except Greek MAIC on Play Store, MLS will proceed with versions in other languages (Serbian, Bulgarian, etc). MLS will also showcase this particular product to telecommunication providers, aiming at exclusive agreements per country for all Android phones available by the respective provider, charging a royalty per device.

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  5. Press Release

    MLS Innovation Inc: Sign of agreement with the Cypriot Ministry of Education and Culture

    November 12th , 2019


    MLS announces the sign of agreement with the Cypriot Ministry of Education and Culture, regarding the supply of devices (tablets) for 12 months.
    MLS prevailed in a competition announced by the Ministry, which awarded the company the project as it met all the required specifications. Specifically, MLS has undertaken the supply and maintenance of 3.700 tablets for the amount of € 442.100,00 (four hundred and forty-two thousand one hundred euros), of which the largest proportion will be delivered within two months.
    In addition, MLS will supply the Ministry with tablets for any new needs that arise during the time of agreement (12 months).

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