A. My device is stuck or stuck and it's slow
All Android devices may occasionally hang, respond slower, or even show some strange malfunction. This may be due to the following reasons:

  • The RAM is full
  • The storage space is full
  • There is incompatibility between applications
  • Invalid settings have been selected to enable or disable certain device features.

To remedy the problem, we are testing the following options, according to the possibilities we have, depending on the nature of the problem:

  • We restart the device.
  • We check whether the device settings are really the desirable ones.
  • We disable applications that we do not need or suspect can cause a problem (usually various antiVirus applications).
  • We are resetting to factory settings from "Settings - backup and reset" option. In this case, all files in the device's internal memory, such as photos, contacts, or settings, will be lost. It is therefore advisable to copy all user files on external storage media.
  • We do a "Factory Reset" according to the instructions described in the user manual of the device. Again, it is recommended that you save the user's precious files (photos, contacts, etc.) to an external medium, since it will be lost from internal memory.
  • If the level of user familiarity does not allow him / her to proceed with all of the above, it is advisable to contact MLS's purchasing service or official service.

B. My Battery Finishes Very Fast

If the device is in operation for more than a year, it is reasonable that the battery life has been reduced considerably.
If, however, the device is relatively new, in order to check if the reduced autonomy is due to a battery malfunctioning or other reasons, we check in "Battery Settings" menu, where the power is consumed, and if the discharge diagram is smooth or contains steep drops.

Usually, if the battery is functioning properly, the reduced autonomy may be due to the following reasons:

  • Many applications run continuously in the background (e.g. AntiVirus). We recommend uninstalling them.
  • Continuous use of BlueTooth, WiFi or Data. We turn them off when we do not need them.

It should be noted that the autonomy mentioned in the technical specifications of each appliance is indicative and corresponds to factory measurements under ideal conditions. Actual autonomy varies considerably, depending on the normal use or the particular features of the appliance.

C. I can not install or run a specific Application on my Device
Typically, all third-party apps that have been created to run in an Android environment must work normally on all MLS devices.

Nevertheless, the company may not be aware of the peculiarities of each separate Application and is not responsible for any incompatibility that may exist.

It is recommended that, before installing each application, the user checks on the application's requirements such as power, memory, internal storage, etc.

D. My Device Heats Excessively During Charging

All mobile devices are heated during charging. During this process, it is inappropriate to use the device with applications requiring special processing power, such as games, as there is a potential of overheating and processor failure, which is not covered by warranty.

E. My device's battery has inflated

There have been cases of devices in which the batteries have inflated. This is usually attributed to increased humidity, exposure to the sun or other heater, or even to a faulty battery.
Please be aware that there is no security issue whatsoever. However, it is advisable to contact MLS Service Dpt. immediately to prevent damage to the device due to battery leakage and to prevent any further bulging. Under no circumstances should the user interfere with the battery, as there is a serious possibility of an accident.