Privacy Policy

MLS INNOVATION INC. in her role as Data Processing Manager appreciates your visit to her websites and is grateful for your interest in the company, its products and services. The protection of your privacy and personal data is an important issue for MLS INNOVATION INC. In order to ensure a high level of transparency and security, the Privacy Policy Statement, as detailed below, informs you about the nature, scope and purpose of any collection, use and process of personal data regarding MLS INNOVATION INC.



MLS INNOVATION INC. collects processes and uses your personal data to the extent that is required for the fulfillment of the respective purpose or purposes, that are listed below and for which you have previously consented.


For this purpose, your personal data may be used to send commercial communications, as well as to send promotional material related with products and services of MLS Innovation Inc.


Upon your consent, your personal data may be processed by company partners for the purpose of analyzing your behavior, habits and consumption trends, as well as the amplification of the products and services provided by the Company.


Your personal data are also required when purchasing one or more products of the company through the company's e-shop. They are required in order to process both the product market and its possible shipment to the destination of your choice.


  • Online Chat

On our websites, we offer you the opportunity to communicate with the company's call center through an online chat tool that offers online customer support. For this purpose, some personal information is required from you, in order to optimize the provided service. We use the data we collect to communicate with you and personalize our communication with you. When you participate with this discussion tool of MLS INNOVATION INC., your personal data is not disclosed to any other party.

•       Contact Form

The corporate website also provides an online contact form which you can use to get in touch with the company.

Any personal data that were entered into this form are reserved for the purpose of the communication and then deleted once they have been completed.




• Complaint form


In our offices and stores you can find the relevant complaint forms in which you can make any complaints about our services.

Any personal data that were entered into this form are reserved for the purpose of the communication and then deleted once they have been completed.


Customer Support

• After Sales Service             

The Company's Service Department has its own website, where a customer or an associate can be informed of the repairs in the device he has submitted to the department. Personal information that was collected in this case can help provide support service to this customer. In addition, if it was requested by the customer, the department is able to keep backup of personal data for the repair of its device.

  • GetnDeliver Service

The MLS Get & Deliver service concerns the receipt of the device from the customer's premises, the transfer to the Company's Main Service and the return and delivery back to the customer,  at the place he desires. The personal data requested by the client relates to the smooth execution of the service provided.

• Call center service

The customer can contact the company's call center to receive telephone support and / or update for a device that he uses.

Disclosure to third parties

Upon your consent, your personal data may be processed by our affiliates in order to provide these services as a contractual obligation. Specifically, they are notified to:

- GetNDeliver service where you first agree to the processing of your personal data by the courier company that will collect your device. Secondly you consent to the disclosure of your data to us by the same company in order to be able to deliver your device when the repair / check is completed.-

Upgrades, security and MLS applications

MLS Innovation Inc. collects personal data about your device and how you use it through its preinstalled applications. In some cases, the failure to provide certain personal data will cause the failure of certain related products or services. The reasons for collecting the data relate to the following benefits:

- Delivering, activating or verifying the products and services you requested or making changes and providing technical support and after-sales services for the above products and services based on your requirements.

- Send operating system or application updates and installation notifications.

- Personalized user experience and content.

- Usage statistics for our apps and devices.

-  Provision of services related to the safety of your devices and the lock of the device in the event of their loss.

- We also send you information about products and services that may interest you, we invite you to promotional activities of MLS Innovation Inc., etc. If you do not wish to receive such information, you can be excluded at any time by disabling the corresponding options in your device.

- Perform the functions of the MLS application.

For MAIC assistant, the app that is available on Google Play:

By using MAIC assistant, you also agree to be bound by the YouTube terms of service which can found in the following link:

By using MAIC assistant, you acknowledge that the application uses the YouTube API services. By using those services you also acknowledge and agree to the connected use of the Google Privacy Policy which can be found through the following link:



MLS Innovation Inc. collects and processes personal data about the jobseekers. The company is committed to being transparent on how to collect and use this data and to fulfill its data protection obligations. We may also collect personal data about you from third parties, such as the reports provided by former employers. We will ask for information from third parties only when a job offer is made to you and we will inform you when we do so. The data will be stored in a number of different sites, including the log file, in human resources management systems and other computer systems (including email).

MLS INNOVATION INC. also uses personal data provided for contract management and processing your questions and requests.

In addition, the information provided to us may be combined with data already stored by MLS INNOVATION INC. from the previous year. This combination of data allows us to keep up-to-date the data we collect in order to ensure the accuracy of the collected information and to optimize our services.

Beyond these purposes, we use and process your data only if you have explicitly given your consent and if you have been informed of such purposes. For example: You may be interested in an online job application, but MLS INNOVATION INC. can review this application in relation to other locations in the company. Only in this case will we use this data for this specific purpose.



Personal data is the information related to an identified or identifiable natural person.

MLS INNOVATION INC. collects processes or uses your personal data, if you provide them to us, for processing purposes:

Marketing Activities

For marketing purposes and to improve our websites and services, we collect data sent from your web browser, e.g. information about your browser and operating system. Also, in order to be able to get in touch with you about promotional content through our corporate newsletter, we ask that you provide us your email in the corresponding field on our site. Lastly, through the IMEI ID of your device we are able to inform you about new products and services of the company.

Finally, to run social networking contests, we collect personal data from your online profile, which are is used exclusively for the purpose of the particular contest. These data, namely your name and profile address, are temporarily stored and in any case for less than one (1) month in company storage devices so that we can formally complete the contest and carry out procedures such as contact with the winner (or runners-up) of the gift, sending the gift through the post, etc.

Notification to third parties regarding marketing activities

For this purpose the personal data collected are as follows:

- Advertising cookies. MLS Innovation Inc. and its partners use cookies to collect information about your online activities and interests and provide you with personalized ads that are more related to you.


-  Social media cookies (Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics).Social media cookies are associated with services provided by third parties. The third party provides these services in return for acknowledging that you have visited our sites. Specifically, through these third-party services, we receive your full name and email in order to use them in marketing campaigns.

-  Email. In the context of an advertising campaign run by an associate of the company, your email may be forwarded to a third party so that it can perform his contractual obligation


For this purpose the personal data collected are as follows:

-  Session cookies: Login and Verification. When you use an ID to log in to a site, the so-called session cookies ensure that your visit to this site works as smoothly as possible.

-  Personalization cookies: Storage of preferences and settings. The site uses cookies to store settings such as language settings and the size on your computer or mobile device, the items in your shopping cart, and other browser preferences that you may have.

If you purchase a device, we ask for the following personal information so that we can send you the products you have purchased: Name, surname, email address, postal address, country, phone number.



  • Online Chat

For this purpose, your personal data requested is at least your name but also any data you need in the context of the service you have contacted us.

Any personal data you convey to us through the Chat tool is stored only for the time it takes to process your request and then it gets deleted.

  • Contact Form

For this purpose, your personal data requested is your name and email so that we can get in touch with you. Other data you had provided when communicating with us, especially by using the contact forms on our website, are deleted as soon as they are considered redundant in order to process your request or are not generally needed for its execution.

• Complaint form


For this purpose, your personal data requested is your name, phone or email so that we can get in touch with you. The personal data contained in this form will be deleted as soon as it is considered superfluous in order to examine your complaint.

Customer Support

  • After Sales Service

For this purpose, the personal data we request is at least your name and phone in order to get in touch with you to brief you regarding your request of correcting your device. In addition, for the same purpose, we request the phone or IMEI of your device in the following address:

If a temporary device is given to the customer until the customer's device is repaired, then we record and collect the IMEI or SN of that device in order to lock it in case of non-return to the Company's offices.

If the customer is asked to back up their personal data then they are kept in a separate folder and for a period of 2 weeks until they are permanently deleted from the local computer of the person who has managed the repair of the device.

  • GetnDeliver service

For this purpose and to communicate with you through the form on the site, we ask you for the following personal information: name, surname, and phone number.

• Call center service

We do not ask you to provide us with personal data when we are at your service through our call center. Exception is the case in which internal process control will be needed to be performed and then communicate again with the customer. In this case, we ask for a name, surname, and phone number so that we can get in touch with the customer.

Disclosure to third parties

Depending on the associates and their services, the necessary personal data is also provided. Specifically, the following are given:

-GetNDeliver service: The personal data requested from the customers are related to the contact details and delivery address of the devices so that the courier can deliver the package.

Upgrades, security and MLS applications

Our selected apps receive your geographic location (geographic coordinates) so that they can display information related to your location, such as POIs and / or weather information, etc. However, we note that your location can not identify you as it is not assigned to an ID of yourself or your device. In addition, we receive voice information such as voice recordings you make when you turn on this feature and use voice commands when using our apps.

Human resources

The information you sent us during an online job application, including a CV, certificates, reports, job reports, etc. (proof of application for a job) as well as the personal data that the above data may contain, are held and used exclusively for that purpose, while upon completion of the job, any printed versions of the data are destroyed while the electronic versions are held for six (6) months.

Recipients and executioners of processing Personal Data:

MLS INNOVATION INC. has concluded into contracts with external data processing service providers for the collection, processing or use of personal data on behalf of MLS INNOVATION INC. and in accordance with her instructions. Such service providers support MLS INNOVATION INC., especially as regards the hosting and operation of websites, e-shops and blogs, marketing purposes, statistical analysis, website improvement and e-mail newsletters. These service providers may be outside the European Union or the European Economic Area, which means that the level of protection may differ from the level of protection afforded by European legislation on personal data protection. In this case, MLS INNOVATION INC. receives all the necessary guarantees required by European Regulation 2016/679 (such as EU-US Privacy Shield, BCR, Certifications and Approved Codes of Ethics, etc.).

MLS INNOVATION INC. is an internationally operating company. In order to be able to manage your topics in the best possible way, you may need to pass on your data to associates whose headquarters may also be in countries outside the European Union. However, such transmission only takes place with your consent and only for the purposes that were mentioned above.

Except from these cases, we do not pass on your data to other third parties unless we are obliged to do so under regulatory or court orders or other obligations to the public authorities. Specifically, your personal data will not be sold, leased or exchanged.


External links (Links)

Our websites are referenced and include links to third party websites. As a rule, these are determined by stating the corresponding third-party email address or the company / product logo. MLS INNOVATION INC. does not affect the content and web design of other providers at all. By referencing / linking these external sites we do not adopt their content as ours.


Information regarding the use of cookies, especially for marketing purposes, can be found in the Cookie Policy.

Information sent by e-mail:

If you have consented to your email address for communication or promotional purposes, we will use your data to contact you or send you promotional emails based on your interests. Communication through Emails includes the ability to revoke your consent at any time if you no longer want to receive this information.

Data Protection for Minors

The offers and services on this website are not intended for children. Therefore, we feel we are not aware of personal data concerning children (less than 15 years of age

Technical and Organizational Data Protection

MLS INNOVATION INC. applies technical and organizational measures that are reasonable in relation to the corresponding purpose of data protection in order to protect the information provided by you from misuse and loss. This data is stored in a secure operating environment that cannot be accessed by the public. In addition, each of our employees has received instructions on data protection and is required to enter into a confidentiality agreement.


The emails sent to MLS INNOVATION INC.:

For tax and audit purposes, emails sent to MLS INNOVATION INC. will be archived for five years. The email systems of MLS INNOVATION INC. were intended to be used for business purposes.

Processing Activity Files

You can get an overview of the categories and purposes of processing your personal data, which MLS INNOVATION INC. collects, processes and uses in the processing activity files that are displayed on this web page.

Information and Other Rights, Communication

Upon request, the Data Protection (DPO) will provide you with the necessary information about the personal data we keep in our records. If your personal data is incorrect, you can fix it right away. Such information or modification is free of charge.


In addition, you are entitled to withdraw your consent to use your personal data in the future, all or a part of them. If you wish, we will delete or disable your own data. If you wish to claim such rights, contact the MLS INNOVATION INC Data Protection Officer.


You can exercise the following rights::


  1. The right of access allows you to be informed by the Company whether or not your Data is being processed as well as accessing them.
  2. The right of correction and the right to delete allows you to request, receive, and if you want to correct the data stored by the Company, as well as delete them if you wish.


3 The right to limit the processing of your data allows you to request the suspension of your data processing.

4.The mobility right entitles you to request and receive the Data in a structured, commonly used and machine readable format, as well as the right to transmit the Data to other processors.

5.The right of objection allows you to oppose in the processing of the Data.

6.The right to lodge a complaint with a supervising authority in the event of unlawful processing of Data.


You may exercise the above rights as well as freely address any questions, comments or complaints about this MLS INNOVATION INC Privacy Statement or Privacy Policy. to the Privacy Officer by writing to [email protected] or by calling the following phone number 2310-929090 ext. 136