You can update your device using the appropriate file below.

You can find information regarding the update procedure here

Destinator 7
Model name Map file
3855 3505_3850_3855_3900_GRE
3855A 3505_3850_3855_3900_GRE
4800 4800_5900_GRE
4800BT 4800_5900_GRE
4800A 4800_5900_GRE
4810BT 4800_5900_GRE
5000ΒΤ 4810_5000_GRE
5900 4800_5900_GRE
3860 (ΟΧΙ PRO) 3860_GRE
3860BT (ΟΧΙ PRO) 3860_GRE
3505 3505_3850_3855_3900_GRE
3850 3505_3850_3855_3900_GRE
3900 3505_3850_3855_3900_GRE
3900BT 3505_3850_3855_3900_GRE
4810 4810_5000_GRE
4400 4400GRE
4400BT 4400GRE
4305BT 4400GRE

Destinator 8
Model name Map file
3855C 3855C_4800C_5900C_GRE
5900C/PRO5900 3855C_4800C_5900C_GRE
4800C 3855C_4800C_5900C_GRE
3860PRO PRO_3860_GRE
3860A PRO/SN:386GR PRO_3860_GRE
PRO 4810 BT PRO_4810_GRE
PRO 4810 PRO_4810_GRE
PRO 4810A PRO_4810_GRE

Destinator 9
Model name Map file
Talk&Drive 4300 4350SLA_GRE
Talk&Drive 5000 4350SLA_GRE
Pro43 43_50PRO_GRE
Pro50 43_50PRO_GRE
Talk&Drive 43SLA 4350SLA_GRE
Talk&Drive 50SLA 4350SLA_GRE
4810C (OXI TMC) 4810C_GRE
4810C TMC 4810CTMC_GRE
Talk&Drive 510 TD510W500_GRE
Talk&Drive 43SLB 4350SLA_GRE
Talk&Drive W500 TD510W500_GRE
510S TD510W500_GRE
W500S TD510W500_GRE