Our contribution to society.

In MLS Innovation Inc. we recognize that companies are judged not only on the basis of their financial results or the quality of the products and services they offer but also on the basis of their offer to society. MLS Innovation Inc. has incorporated the core principles and values of CSR into both its business planning and day-to-day operations, essentially supporting cultural, educational and humanitarian initiatives and activities. We are actively involved in the development of education, sports and utilities, aiming at upgrading and improving the quality of life of all citizens in the societies in which we operate.

Our corporate social responsibility actions concern people, the environment and society, with particular emphasis on the following areas:

Supporting activities that promote culture through cultural events
Strengthening non-profit organizations
Contribution of educational programs through Universities
Support of socially sensitive and vulnerable groups
Strengthening sports and educational activities
Support youth entrepreneurship
Implementation of Corporate Environmental Quality Management Procedures
Enhancing the environmental awareness of our people with educational activities and coordinating environmental protection actions

Of particular importance for us, throughout our historical journey, is the contribution to the progress and prosperity of Greek society. With significant actions in all areas of cultural creation, we dedicate each year a significant proportion of our sponsorship budget, supporting efforts that promote the history, the arts, the customs and the intellectual creation of Greece.