Innovation: Our main characteristic

Innovation lies in the core DNA of MLS Innovation Inc. since its very first steps and our strong record of creating innovative software and hardware products which ensure the best value for our customers, is based on our strong commitment to R&D. Continuous investments in R&D drive MLS Innovation Inc. in offering more advanced and useful products in current and new technology sectors. In an environment of fierce competition, R&D is key in maintaining and expanding our market position.

Research and Development (RnD)

MLS’s R&D department depends on highly skilled professionals working in different research lines, delivering innovative products and services.

Strategic Objectives of RnD Technological Fields
Development of new products and services Phonetic technologies
Provide R&D services to customers Natural language processing
Establishing Strategic Technology partnerships Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning
Web services, multimedia applications and UI/UX
Internet of services & Internet of things
On-line security

In recent years, MLS Innovation Inc. has adopted widespread, globally accepted and flexible methods like Agile and Scrum for software development, which enable us to evolve requirements and solutions through the collaborative effort of self-organizing cross-functional teams and maximize the team’s ability to deliver quickly, to respond to emerging requirements and to adapt to evolving technologies and changes in market conditions.

European Projects

Proving its leadership in driving innovation, MLS Innovation Inc. has been engaging in various partnerships and research programs, while providing its expertise to third parties by developing and supporting applications in the fields of educational technology, linguistic technology, telematics and multimedia applications for European projects like the following:

Project Name Project Summary Διάρκεια

STIMEY is a learning environment which combines powerful technologies, supported by pedagogical investigations and social media in an effort to bring science and society together in Europe. This will consequently increase the continent’s international competitiveness while STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education become more reachable/social/fun to European youths which in turn will raise their interests and involvement in STEM careers.

9/2016 - 9/2019

Existing flexible ICT solutions could assist elderly users with cognitive impairment in organising, carrying out and completing everyday tasks and constitute essential factors for continuing to be and feel independent. IN LIFE will offer all-around, personalised, multi-faceted existing ICT solutions and services addressing diverse daily activities (eating, physical activity, commuting, mental stimulation, communication, social interaction, etc.) to users with cognitive impairment living in their own home or in sheltered homes, as well as to their formal and informal carers.

2/2015 - 2/2018

MOVESMART aims at providing time-dependent route planning and renewable personal mobility services using a set of crowd-sourcing tools for collecting real-time information by multimodal travellers. The core of MOVESMART is a hierarchical urban-traffic infrastructure that is hosted and maintained by a cloud architecture. MOVESMART envisions the server-based creation and maintenance of time-dependent urban-traffic metadata as well as live-traffic logging, hosted in an urban traffic knowledge base (UTKB).

11/2013 - 11/2016

Prosperity4All develops the infrastructure and ecosystem that will allow for a ubiquitous auto-personalization of interfaces and materials, based on user needs and preferences, to grow (promote self-rewarding collaboration, reduce redundant development, lower costs, increase market reach and penetration internationally).

2/2014 - 2/2018

CHOReOS will implement a framework for scalable choreography development. The goal is to enable domain experts to develop decentralized ultra-large scale (ULS) solutions composed of heterogeneous services that are adaptable and QoS (Quality-of-Service) aware.  Prior to this, these solutions were only possible with the support of dedicated IT professionals to provide the skills needed for architectural design and software engineering.

10/2010 - 10/2013

MLS Artificial Intelligence Center (MAIC)

The new MAIC has been created to isolate external environmental noise (in the car, at the bar, etc.) and the dialogue with it is absolutely successful. It is the result of research and development of the Greek MLS research team over the past 15 years in voice recognition and artificial intelligence, and is becoming increasingly smarter with its ever-growing use.

The digital assistant you talk to her and she does what you say.

The MLS devices hide within them the newly refurbished MAIC (MLS Artificial Intelligence Center) that comes to change the relationship with your device!

HD Voice
HD Voice With HD Voice, you can enjoy crisp, crisp, crystal clear sound, ambient noise reduces and enjoy great sound quality even when your speaker speaks in a low volume

Want to see a video on Youtube? Tell it and it happened!

With Talk & Watch®, it's enough to ask for the video you want from Youtube and it will show up right away.


Do you want to call someone? Tell it and it happened!

With Talk & Call®, you just have to say the name you want and you call it right now. Simple and effective.


Portable encyclopedia in your pocket.

With MLS Pedia, MAIC will help you enrich your knowledge in any field you are interested in.


Keys and mistakes. You got a personal secretary

Are you tired of the text messaging? Do not worry, and MAIC will send you.


Are you looking for something; MAIC will find you!

From faces, locations, restaurants and everything else you imagine, in Greek and English, MAIC will search, find and inform you.


Translate in the moment with MAIC

Choose any word or phrase you want. You will immediately have her translation, from Greek to English and vice versa, in writing and orally.

Live Services

Keep an eye on what's going on around you and make your life easier.

Pharmacies, Hospitals, Parking, Traffic, Banks, Weather. All available, just one click away.


No more unknown numbers.

Do you wonder who called you? Not anymore. The MLS Caller ID is here to reveal it to you.


No more unknown numbers.

Do you wonder who called you? Not anymore. The MLS Caller ID is here to reveal it to you.

Prizes and Distinctions

For our overall commitment to innovation, MLS Innovation Inc. has been awarded over time with the following indicative awards:

Year Prize - Distinction
1999  European Information Technology Prize
2008  Product of the Year (Τ3&PC Magazine) – MLS Destinator 4800 awarded Product of the Year
2008  Business Innovation Award as part of the event "Money Business Awards 2008
2009  Product of the Year (Τ3&PC Magazine) – Voice recognition system MLS Destinator Talk&Drive™ awarded Product of the Year
2010  Product of the Year (Τ3&PC Magazine) –  Live recognition system with voice MLS Destinator Talk&Drive liveTRAFFIC awarded Product of the Year
2010  Kouros Innovation Award
2011  Award for Best Navigation Application in the Greek App Store (Infocom 2011)
2011  Product of the Year (Τ3&PC Magazine) – The navigation system with voice MLS Destinator Talk&Drive™ liveTRAFFIC 500 won Product of the Year
Greek Exports Awards - Technology-Innovation Award (Greek Exports Forum 2013)
Business Award in the category "Business Innovation Prize" (organization of business Money Awards)
Greek value - Innovation Award from the institution GREEK VALUE Federation of Industries of Northern Greece (SBBE)
2014  Supplier of the Year - Industry and Retail Trade Retail Magazine Business Awards
2015  Greek Branded Product Honors  - Industrial Products (Made in Greece Awards)
2015  High Growth Business Award (organization Ethos events - Money business Awards)


MLS Innovation Inc. has developed, applies and is certified to a Management System in full compliance with ISO 900114001 και 18001 standards.